Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A.D.D. Success

Why Questioning ADD Can Equal Success

The disorder labeled Attention Deficit has many questionable characteristics. But let us look at what would be otherwise unrelated information. Mainly, the rise of popularity of the ADD diagnosis paralleled the advancement of technology and what we now term "The Information Age."

Characteristics of The Information Age:

  • Information comes at us at break-neck speeds

  • Success in the business world is determined by the efficiency of an entity's ability to obtain, assimilate, and apply information.

    (side note of logic: anyone incapable of excelling at business is, therefore, experiencing a deficit in their ability to pay attention.)

Characteristic of Man:

  • It is our nature to maintain dominion over our world.


  • In trying to dominate our world (careers, relationships, etc.), we are trying to hold each of these pieces of information

  • Humans can only maintain one thought in their conscious mind at a time.

  • As the technology improves and, thus, the speed of information increases, we will have a
    harder and harder time keeping all of this information in our head.

  • Imagine a young puppy who loves his bone. You throw TWO of the BONES, tell the puppy to get both of them, and then reprimand him for not obtaining both.

Brilliant Epiphany:

  • Understand that these young people that we are dubbing Attention Deficit are actually doing quite a good job at processing all of the information and inputs that we are feeding them!

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