Saturday, March 3, 2007

You Must Choose, but Choose Wisely

It is a blustery day out. The lake is a shade of grey that matches the sky except for the chaotic ripples from the wind on its surface.

Despite what some would call a nasty day (I rather like it; its cozy), I am in a happy and positive mood. I am ever discovering the power of our ability to choose our own thoughts; the ability to choose our own attitude. It is something I have learned being under Terry and David's ministry, but the reality of this is starting to really impact every part of my life.

Now, I have heard it my whole life from parents and individuals, yet somehow all but one or two of those individuals actually utilize their ability to choose. I feel that choice is the greatest gift that God gave man that makes him godly. Our creative ability (‘man was created in the image of his creator’, which makes him creative) is the ability to choose; to choose our thoughts, to choose our attitudes. And what we choose manifests in us, and then around us.

This is our godliness, but it seems like so many people scratch the surface it this Law of Choice (often known as the Law of Attraction; you attract to you your thoughts, feeling and emotions.) It seems as if most people choose their attitude, but from the perspective of victims or losers.

They say things like, “I am choosing to be happy in spite of everything going on around me,” instead of, “I am happy and everything is going well for me.” It is as if they focus on the negativity in their life as being ‘real’ and are ‘trying to stay positive.’ Prayer and faith are much the same for most people.

I believe that we create our reality through prayer and faith. I believe that many of the principles that one can understand under the terminology Law of Choice are the missing ingredients to prayer and faith.

I believe that there is a depth where our creative ability goes much father than that. I believe that prayer, faith, and what I am terming the Law of Choice are all the same thing. People’s minds can grasp a Law and principles. They have difficulty grasping what we now know as faith and prayer.

The Law of Gravity is readily understood, and I think that the Law of Choice is just as predictable and regular gravity. We just have to receive it and walk out under its pull.

The ability to choose our own path, our own world, starts with us overcoming our current frame of mind. That is a simple thought, however to practice it is hugely difficult. To overcome our paradigm and take on a new concept of ourselves, a new identity, may be the most difficult part of the Law of Choice.

That is why so many teachers of success like Terry Kruse, Bob Proctor, Norman Vincent Peale and Napoleon Hill all say “Start with your Why!” You must start with your real, big huge dream. The reasoning behind this is that it is a shortcut to a new paradigm.

It is difficult to explain how to change your paradigm to someone who never has. It is easy to take them to a new paradigm by focusing on their dream. When an individual sees themselves in their dream home, driving their dream car, and living their dream life, they are taking the very first steps to having a new paradigm. They are seeing themselves in a new light.

That IS the Law of Choice! You are choosing to align your thoughts (which, on a long enough time line, will ultimately translate into action that will take you there) with your dream self!

So, today, write down your top 100 things you want to do, be, see, travel to or have. Don’t stop until you have 100. Then, write down the Number 1 top goal on a note card or piece of paper.

Focus on it all day. Every chance you get. When something negative happens, glance at it. Allow yourself to sense how that thought can take you from a negative state of mind to a positive state of mind.

Do this all day long, and before bed, just dream about that thing again to get your brain working on it all night. Then, when you wake up tomorrow, tell me how you feel!

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