Friday, June 29, 2007

Opulence bites back!

Opulence is not just a way of life for me at this point. It is a total, all-consuming paradigm.
I see the world through these rosey glasses like a Ben and Jerry's Sunday stroll.

It is a selective ignorance to the potential negative outcomes and a continual alignment with the potential positive outcomes. Strutting around in this yellow-sun-like spotlight has brought great blessings in my life; more than I could list here.

It has taken me around the world. It has brought new friends and opportunities. It has brought financial blessing.

My life is a continual 5 foot swell warm, perfect rights, breaking on a beach in the South Pacific near my multi-million-dollar tiki mansion. Nothing is out of place or marred.

But, BOYYYY, sometimes you just get spanked! I just...GOT...SPANKED.

Since I don't like speaking my past into my future, I won't go into the details of what happened. BUT, suffice it to say, being an Opulent Optimist will at times cause you to be a walking target.

Usually gallumphing through life will cause others to be full of your gallumph too, no matter what mood they start in. (See my blog titled "Joy".)

Sometimes, though, our very opulence is what sets others off! Believe it or not, being positive will actually piss people off! I am never really prepared for it either.

What is an Opulitimist supposed to do in these situations? What can we do when we are caught off guard like a one-legged Dance With the Stars contestant? Were we to EXPECT to get bush-whacked, we wouldn't be optimists, would we?

Because we (opuliptimists) are never looking for or expecting anything negative to happen to us or around us, when it does it is like sprinting into a two-by-eight with a smack, wondering what crackled and knowing something popped, seeing the milky way circulate with pigeon-toed pixies laughing at you.

So, we develop the fine art of laughing at ourselves, re-align with the potential positive in our lives and get on with opulizing!

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Sabrina Rae said...

Always smile and keep a positive attitude. It won't solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort! (Sometimes Opulence and Sarcasm go hand-in-hand, Lovey *wink*)