Monday, June 25, 2007


Their is a piercing ringing sound that I love: the resonating, vibrating frequency of a stone that rings true.

I love stone sculpting. Not since the first few years out of high school have I actually went through the process of creating a sculpture, but one thing stays with me. The ringing of a stone that is true continues to vibrate my inner ear today.

It has helped me with ministry and business alike in that I have learned the art of tuning my ear to hear if a potential thing resonates with me.

The process of finding a stone is sometimes a difficult one. In a stone yard, there are so many varying shapes and sizes. It is usually very difficult to pick which stone to take home to work on.

One trait you look for in that stone is to find out if it is true; if there are no fault lines in the piece that will cause it to break apart at some future critical phase of the sculpting process. A fault line goes unseen throughout almost the entire process.

It is hard to identify with just sight. On the outside, most stones look quite similar, and you cannot see into them clarity. So you rely on being able to listen to the stone. You rely on hearing it.

You tap your chisel on it lightly and listen to see if it rings true. If the sound drops with a thud, or just doesn't sound quite right, it is likely that a fault line runs through that stone. It is quite difficult to describe what is the wrong sound, but you cannot miss the right sound!

When a stone rings true, it has milky beauty to it. You know it through and through. I dare say that the vibration runs through the entire stone, and right into your bones telling you that it is a worthy piece to work with.

Often when dealing with people, something doesn't sound quite right. Something doesn't resonate within us. But it is harder to put our finger on what is exactly wrong.

What is easier to identify is what rings true within us; what resonates. We feel it in our bones to the foundations of our feet.

When I hear the truth being preached I know it. When I hear a person speaking to me honestly, I feel it send vibrations through me. I feel my heart jump.

It rings true with a ping that doesn't fade off, but travels into infinite. Does that resonate within you?

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