Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thought for the Day - Relationships

The longer I am in the network marketing industry, the more I value the lasting relationships in our lives. The longer I am in business and ministry, the more golden people become.

The truly successful networkers are really just truly successful friends and has fantastic relationships with more people than the average person does. (I love this industry because my success is dependent on treating people well, and making other's successful!)

It is the same with the church; its success depends on these types of leaders and their ability to develop true relationships. I was never truly trained on that as a young person (being from a divorced home in individualist American !)

However, the more I travel, the more I value relationships. The more I do business or ministry, the more I value them. In fact, all that will stand when we are judged will be how we handled our interactions with others!

Don't believe me? For real, how difficult would it be to really sin if I was the only one around?
I would have no one to lie to.
Since no one would be around to own anything I could not steal.
I couldn't kill anyone really.
I couldn't other's belongings.
I could swear, but would anyone hear? (If a tree in the forest falls...)
There would be no real laws of the land to follow.

I mean, everything from here to the end of the earth is dependent on people and how we value and interact with them. There are so many people, and so many pass us by with no interaction. We value them like we value a sign-post as something to walk around or stare at blankly. The truth is, people are sign-posts, pointing us in the direction of our created purposed:

To Value, Lift Up, and Ensure the Success of One Another.

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