Friday, July 27, 2007

WOAH! Mega-shiftin'!!

What in the world is a "MEGA shift"?! Have you ever heard the term?

Well, its getting some play for sure. I first heard it in the title of a Christian book about a major change that is happening in South America in the Body of Christ. (Megashift: Igniting Spiritual Power.)

(Another great word that they coined was "Leadershift"...I think. If not, then I invented it.)

The megashift is the transition from the old, traditional, stale, religious church experience that the body at large is delivering to the actual, power-filled, miraculous, life-changing move of God.

It is happening in South America. It is happening on the mission field. It is even starting to happen in our homes. (Think of the number of home groups starting in your circles.)

A case in point: a group from the local mega-church, Victory Lakeland, had recently started a satellite church to meet in the movie theaters here. I know, I know! This isn't the first movie-theater church! I am just noting the fact that in a small town like this, a church moving into a movie theater signifies that change is coming. It would be common in metropolitan areas like Denver and LA, but Lakeland is not exactly the center of all things current.

To Megashift or Not to Megashift?

An aquaintance of mine from our old church just CC:ed me on an e-mail that he sent to his local pastor. The letter was SCALDING. In it he wrote some things that were (in my superficial point of view) over the top, but he also had some truly indicting comments, most of which I totally agree with.

Now, here is the question: how far does one go to megashift? Is one out of line when addressing his own pastor like that, or does the megashift call for mega-action?

I guess one has to answer that for themselves (by asking the Lord, of course.) Their own calling will require them to perform different actions. So, I guess its a rhetorical question: how far do YOU need to megashift?

Regardless, Megashift is coming.

Though its slow like turning a cruise ship, it will accelerate. Home groups are on the rise. Church attendance is at an all-time low. Percentages of the population that at least claim to believe in God are sliding. Tithes and offerings are dramatically lower. (Can they actually GO any lower?)

People are still hungry and searching, but the traditional church model is an irrelevant antiquity, not even fit for the museum. Like the VHS tape sitting around our house. We don't want to toss it, so will someone just take it from us?

(See The Barna Group for powerful statistics.

What will takes tradition's place?

I believe that modern tradition will fall, but an older tradition, the traditions set for by the founders of our faith, will return to its proper place.

I believe that God will raise His Body, His called-out ones, His remnant. I believe that you will see an even greater divide between those who claim to be saved and those who do not. No more wishy-washy. Just straight-at-you answers.

If you don't feel so ready, or are not sure what you think, please see your all-purpose manual on what is coming and how to handle it; the Bible.

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