Monday, July 9, 2007

Yeah, Baby, Discipline!

It is a Monday; a wonderful Monday. This morning has been so subtly amazing so far, I find it hard to articulate anything.

Suffice it to say that only in returning to a life of discipline, spiritual and physical discipline, do I find total peace.

For being a supreme spazz, I find that only when I wake up on a schedule, get my morning run in, journal and pray, eat right, shower, and write do I feel total peace. It is my self-medication for my often-mercurial behavior. However, for the past few weeks I have slept in, showered and ate, threw my clothes on and ran out the door.

Though God gets our attention at times by throwing a wrench in our plans (which is how He did it for me over the past few weeks), I find that people can greatly benefit by returning to their success habits, whatever they may be.

As a side note, I have an article on truth vs. fact to publish. This is a teaching I have taught for years now. But, God really caught my attention this time when I was illustrating it with how my teaching is faulted.

So, I will publish it, along with my own corrections to go with it.

I pray you have a great day! Stay strong! Stay Opulent! And do you absolute all-out best!!

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