Sunday, November 4, 2007

Obedience VII – Carefulness

Once one has learned to quiet themselves, listen to God, and heed the word, there is a stumbling block that affects almost everyone; the frailty of our minds that causes us to be careless.

In Romans 5:19 (AMP), there are several possible definitions of disobedience. I mentioned before that simply failing to hear God was considered disobedience. The one that has gotten my attention lately has been that carelessness is an act of disobedience.

Why this has my attention is that I am very away of how prone I am to negligence. Simply put, I have generally been pretty forgetful. I forget names. I forget small errands or responsibilities.

What’s worse; I often forget the things that I feel that I have heard from God in prayer or throughout the day.

You would think that once you start to zero in on acknowledging His voice that you would become a super-warrior for the things of God.

Though that is true in many ways, you really become more aware of your frailness. The closer you come to hearing God’s voice, the more obvious our propensity for disobedience becomes.

That all being said the last two days have been an issue of disobedience. The day has gotten away from me twice now. I have been traveling and have had a busy schedule. By night time (when I write) my mind has raced and hit a thousand topics. I have been prepped for bed when suddenly the thought hits my mind. I forgot to write on what He told me to.

So, I drag myself out of bed, and set down to writing. I am often sheepish in doing so because I realize that I had forgotten what the Lord was telling me just that morning. I had been negligent with the Word of God!

This reality of the stories of Jeremiah, Isaiah, and all of the ancient prophets is that they were careful with the Word they heard. They didn’t let the Word of God “fall to the floor.”

With the chaos of the modern world, it is easy to lose focus and have one’s thoughts jump from one topic to another. As a person who has overcome ADHD, I easily get careless with my thoughts. I ponder one thing and then the next. Even if I think of Godly things many times they are not the items that I have been instructed to focus on.

I must exercise care to rehearse the words that I have received from God. To run in obedience, to act with faithfulness to the unction in our spirits, we must take care to remember, write down, act on and heed the words we receive.

With a careful obedience to the Word of God in our lives, we will run deeper than we ever thought possible, and live the lives we were intended to live.

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