Monday, January 21, 2008

Questions of Vibration

Having studied the hidden power of man and his created mind for seven years, I have come to believe in vibration (a wavelength of the Divine) as a yet-to-be understood tool of spiritual things.

Today I began to reread 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. The level of thinking he (and so many others preceding him) move in had extreme clarity.

Often the question is has come to me that asks "how did thinkers of the past think so clearly?" How were they able to focus as intently as they did? The amount of mental leverage they exhibited, the quantity of material they wrote, the uniqueness of their innovation, seems to evade the majority of man in the 21st century.

Why? And the question is only important in an effort to cast off the unnamed fiend and rise as high as those great men.

The ability of man to create his or her own reality, though questioned philosophically, is for the most part assumed.

We are quickly verifying the influence that mere observation and intent have on the atomic and subatomic levels. I will allow you to find materials such as 'The Hidden Messages of Water' and 'What the Bleep Do We Know' on your own.

As I have said, I believe vibration (frequency, wavelengths, polarities, etc.) to all be most crucial in influencing the world around us. To answer my ever-evasive question, I resolved that thinking (and thus creating our reality) is merely thought impulse. The constant, if you will, is that both myself and great minds of the past have thinking (an electronic impulse or wavelength) in common.

Which led me to ask, "then what is interfering?"

When we ask the right question, in the right way, the answer must present itself as obvious. This instance was such.

"What is interfering," I said to myself, "is interference."

I suddenly became aware of all of the frequencies, vibrations, and impulses interfering with my thoughts.

The hip jazz pulsing to the my ears.
The many lights and busyness of the streets as cars driving by outside.
My cell phone light beeping at my side.
My inbox filling with email and my task list lengthening by the second.

All are not simply mere distractions but actually, physically sending vibrations through the air. These vibrations at the minimum affect my thoughts' (vibrations of intent I send out to the world) ability to influence the world around me. At the worst, they affect my ability to even form thoughts clearly.

Why do I say this? Consider what happens when two wavelengths intersect. They neutralize one another. (Again, study this for yourself.) Think of dead spots when a sound technician is preparing for a show. There are always dead spots he tries to minimize. These are the point where the two wavelengths from the speakers are intersecting.

The greater number of wireless adapters, electronic devices and outlets, or mere commotion (think crowded cities), the more frequencies are intercepting your own frequencies and thoughts.

Even though we have far more leverage with technology than ever before, our brains' ability to focus (its effectiveness as a focusing tool) is far weaker than our predecessors'. All in all, generally speaking, I think it is fair to say that individual effectiveness with influencing one's own world with their thoughts has dropped significantly.

Maybe, when we can actually quantify such things, we can create a graph to represent such things.

So, what percent of my vibrations and thoughts are being neutralized?

And how, in a world that is dependent on technology, does one find a way to free their frequencies?

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