Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NEEDED: Free Anger

"NEEDED: Free anger."

Why should these words be used? Honestly? Because from studying copywriting over the years, it has been found that those two words (individually) are known to be two of the most powerful pieces of copy in the English language.

‘Free’ is simply commonly accepted as the buzz word that the majority of our populace cannot resist. “Free toy in each box.” “Free sex.” “Free spleen removal.” Usually, no matter what follows, if we see a sentence with ‘free’ in it we will read the thing.

It is bizarre, yet sadder than that, it is a sign to the majority’s focus on consumption instead of production. Without fathoming too deeply into the abyss of an economic discussion, suffice it to say that the populace wants more. And more. And, if you pushed the issue, they would want yet more.

In the wise words of a Buddhist monk in the back woods of Vietnam I met once, “give ‘em what they want, boy.”

‘Anger’ on the other hand, was a new one to me. Recently listening to Robert G. Allen, he mentioned this one. At first I was surprised, but then felt the impact this word had on my state. Immediately I was curious. “What is causing this anger?” “Who is angry?” “Why are they angry?”

Along with curiosity, there is this deep, albeit dreadful, desire to hear the end of the anger. Since we know we shouldn’t feel this way, we have anxiety until we know if the anger has left, is concluded, or get relief from the tension of anger.

Again, this is a tell-tale of the sad state of the majority’s heart. Why do they seek to know it, like watching a horror film through to the end despite the negative affects on our biology and psychology?

Summarily, Free Anger is not so much “needed” as demanded by the public. “Give ‘em what they want,” says the marketer, “and leave the question of whether or not it is right to the philosophers.”

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