Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our First Training Event


On the day of our First Ever Training Event, we are excited beyond compare.

This is a small, relaxed event.
There is nothing outstanding going on.
There are not a lot of lights or cameras.
There are not powerpoint slides or microphones.

This is a simple event. But I sense that it is very important both for SuccessFit and for me personally.

For SuccessFit, this is nearly 2 years worth of development and countless hours of discussion to hammer out the proper language we want to use to serve you all with a quality, EFFECTIVE framework by which to create Life Success.

Some of you have traveled here from across the country and across the ocean. Some of you have moved here. But we all are moved to be here for relationships that can help us develop CommitmentCommunity andConsistency toward accomplishing our individual goals.

For me personally, my 5 year goal can be summarized by saying that I wish that 50% of my time is devoted to humanitarian work around the globe. The other 50% of my time I would greatly desire that I be Training, much like these events today. That could include Writing, Speaking, and Coaching (one-on-one or corporately).

I have spent many hours on a stage before, both in theater and in the church. I have spent much of the last 10 years speaking or training to some degree. This particular event is, for me, like taking my Fran time from 8+ minutes to under 6. It is taking what spotty consulting and training I have done and making it a more focused event. It resembles the 5 year dream much more than other training I have been doing in all of these past 10 years.

I say all of this because a) you are MY accountability Community as much as we are for you, so b) I hope you know me more so that you can hold me more personally accountable toward that dream, and c) so that you continue to know your value as Community to us and to yourselves.

So, I encourage you all. For those who are here today, I will let you slide on Studying and Planning because we will be learning together. THE REST OF YOU ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK! ;P Press in and press deep today! This thing is shaping up!

3 - 2 - 1 --- GO!!

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