Monday, April 6, 2009

USF Student Writes About Our Work in Haiti

Here is an article from friend of our work in Haiti with CPI and a USF student, Krysta Bustin.


About 6 months ago, while working a Sunday night shift at Starbucks, a familiar customer approached me at the cash register to place his order. However, before he even said it—Doppio Espresso—I knew what he would order. I knew his drink, but I didn’t know his name, so I asked. After briefly introducing ourselves, he asked me about the significance of a necklace I was wearing— the same necklace I wear everyday—a skydiving parachute pin which is a small tribute to a sport I love and an expression of gratitude for surviving a near death experience in the sport the year prior. 

We started swapping stories until eventually we were interrupted by more customers wanting to place their orders. From that day on we have been good friends. Our common drive for adventure, pursuit of better health and elite fitness, love of people and community, and passion for travel and humanitarian aid has forged a meaningful friendship.

Grant Nieddu, a self-proclaimed philanthropist, small business owner, college dropout, world traveler, and motivational guru, has an extraordinary gift for networking and inspiring people. That has lead him several years ago to met a man by the name of Jonathan, a Haitian native who at the time was partnering with aid organizations and running numerous missions centers and orphanages throughout his home country, with over 80 other leaders located throughout the country helping him. 

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