Monday, June 15, 2009

Brief Haiti Update

I would like to offer a far more extensive update, however, as time is limited, and I am focusing on the writing and preparation of our future site as well as our actual work in Haiti.

We are preparing for our next trip to Haiti.

The team will be about 18 people. This is significant for us in that just a year ago it was only 2 of us going to Haiti to see how we can help.

We now have a fruitful church partnership with two others lining up quite nicely. We have broken ground on a building that will serve as a school and training center. This is all due to the potency of the team of educators and ministers from The Crossing Church in Orlando.

They have really taken ownership of the area of Kenscoff, and have poured their best into the area.

On a personal note, I have turned my entire direction toward Writing and Humanitarian/Missions work. For the past few weeks, I have written 1,000 words a day to continue to refine my skills. The material being produced will be used to launch my blog by my birthday.

This is significant because I will be dealing with the topic of living your calling, serving mankind in some way, and the How-To's of Humanitarian work (at least that which we are experienced to teach on at this point!)

Stay tuned.
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