Friday, November 11, 2011

Life as Experiment

I am separating out my personal blogging from State of the Spark. SotS has begun to grow beyond me. It is more a project and mission to launch others, and, as others have gravitated toward it and begun to inquire of bonding to it as an organic mission, I found that my personal blogging should be removed.

On the spectrum between the very others-centered-ness of State of the Spark and the very personal journals I have, this blog is the personal journey and shall remain more focused on my idea of Life as Experiment.

Life as Experiment first occured to me from the work of Buckminster Fuller (who had referred to himself as Guinea Pig B.) Not that anything I am experimenting with is as academic in nature as Bucky was.

However, in my Legacy work I have found that Life as Experiment is one of the best ways to articulate what we are on the planet here for.

Anyone seeking to make a difference in the earth, seeking to dent the universe, especially when it comes to not only serving others (philanthropia, humanitarianism) but to launching others into a life of philanthropia (the state of being Sparked), is leading by example. The only way to lead by example, to be able to saw with integration and honesty that this or that way works versus the other ways, is to do more than lead by example. We should lead by experiment.

That implies that if I claim that, for example, the ideologies of the New Thought movement worked, I should be able to not only speak to what they have done for me, but what data I have collected to that end. If I believe that living a life of philanthropia (missions, humanitarianism, etc) is a path in life that will bring Explosive Significance while en route to the dream, then I should be able to testify AND prove that.

The technocratic generations are questioning everything and studying very little of the previous ways.

The previous ways are not outdated; the flavor is just a little stale.

It is up to you, and I, and anyone with a desire to leave a legacy, to lead the newer generations to a meaningful, better way of living, to Lead by Example; to Live by Experiment.

So, this is the first entry I have that is taking a new direction. That direction is to reflect on actions I am taking, thoughts I am having, and things we are focusing on to have an honest, transparent look at the Life as Experiment.


Grant Ryan Nieddu

* - Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

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