Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spark Interview:Spark Session with Jason Northington

Check out the the full video of the Spark Interview:Spark Session with +Jason Northington , the Architect of WOW!

Spark Interview - Jason Northington - Spark.m4v

The Spark Interview Project - Jason Northington, The Architect of WOW in Lakeland, FL.

Grant Ryan Nieddu, the Chief Spark Ignitier of State of the Spark, is interviewing people around the world who are making a difference and living a sparked life of philanthropia to help those just starting out. Grant's goal is to interview 1 person in every state in the United States, and 1 person in every country in the world over the next 5 years.

To join the mission, learn more about humanitarianism, philanthropia or living your own Explosive life of Significance, visit

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