Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 Rules for Big Trip Packing

So, in the process of packing, +Marissa Nieddu & I loaded everything into the moving truck. The exception to this were the items we knew we would be taking on the road with us.

We drove to Hilton Head, SC first. This first stop was to visit family and store the long term items.

After everything was stored, we realized that our car was just too full. So, we unloaded everything from the car and started over.

The rule was to go over each thing and ask "Will we use this in the next 3 months?"

After an agonizing few hours, we realized that we needed far less than we thought. We emptied half of everything we originally thought we needed.

This was freeing. Our entire back seat was open for passengers. Everything fit in the trunk.

And, we started picking up a few rules for the cross-country road trip. So here are a few rules for packing for a road trip.

1. Only pack enough clothes for a week at most.

You can find laundry service with the friend you visit, at campgrounds, or coin laundry. Pack less.

2. Only pack for what is probable, not for what is possible.

I had the temptation to pack for any and every emergency. I had Icy Hot, an emergency blanket and a large container of bleach! (On the odd chance I would need to sterilizetainted water, duh!) We had to get rid of these things.

3. Plan ahead on how you will save, edit & share photos.

Now, this seems pretty obvious, but time can get away from you on these trips. When you think you will be connected and have time to deal with photos, you will want to spend time with people you don't see regularly. Also, though video is easy & fun with our Flip camera, when pressed for time, making time to edit a video & upload it is the first thing to go out the window.

4. Become familiar with your cell phone's blogging functions.

Yes, tablets & super light laptops are (almost) just as mobile as your cellphone. But, consider that most tablets do not carry data plans. And, when you just have minutes between friend-time to blog or status update, you won't want to mess with chords.

Just blog on your cell phone. It's always connected & you charge it more regularly.

5. Pack the trunk strategically.

Least frequent items in the furthest part. Most frequent items closest to the trunk opening.

For example, our tent is in the back of the trunk but our clothes are in the front.

6. Use them so you don't forget them.

We have accidentally left something in each location so far. From a cell phone charger to a pair of running shoes, we have left bread crumbs.


If you do, you will decrease your chance of losing something important.

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