Sunday, June 24, 2012

Earthship Academy Week 3 in Pictures

I'm not so good at the writing, so I'll give you the week's summary from my point of view through some pictures I took along the way. Instead of the regular lecture-styled classes, this week we had labs where we learned how to build the Water Organizing Module (the WOM) and some simple wiring associated with the Power Organizing Module (the POM). Water catchment/filtration and solar power are two of the basic principles that should be incorporated into every Earthship.
Lab 1: Learned about/how to build the Water Organizing Module (WOM)
Lab 2: Learned about the Power Organizing Module (POM) and some basic wiring skills with the solar panels
Acro Yoga for some stretching in the middle of the week.
End of week 3 progress on the build! The vigas are up and ready for us to close-in the roof next week.
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Grace and Peace, ya'll!


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