Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When Was The Last Time You...

When Was The Last Time You Pushed The Limits Like This

I just came across this video today from

Take a second.
Watch it in awe.
It is amazing. It is beautiful.

... Or, its just plain crazy.

Your opinion would, of course, depend on where you are standing.

If you are sitting at home from the middle of the comfort zone, this is definitely crazy.

If you are any one of those surfers, in the middle of the impact zone (as they affectionately call it) they probably think its equally crazy, but more thank that, its beautiful.

From Where I Am Standing...

From my seat in a coffee shop in the middle of the desert, it is certainly beautiful. More than that, its inspiring.

As each surfer comes so close, within micro-seconds of making out of the tube, I found myself rooting for them on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was watching an Olympic Games competitor attempting a new record where millimeters counts.

I don't get it. I wouldn't be out there if you paid me. But I wanted them to win. I wanted them to make it.

And that inspired me to ask, "If someone posted a video of what I was doing, would it be so epic, so challenging, so against-the-status-quo-norm that, even if they didn't understand it, they would root for me to win?"

When was the last time you pushed the limits so much that, crazy or beautiful or both, the world would root for you?

How can you begin to approach your work, project, or passion like that today?


Earl Schrader said...

i'm rooting for both of you. I and probably my wife would love to talk with you guys someday. we will someday build our own earthship. and dream to start communities with them and other sustainable practices wherever we can. hopefully in the developed world, but if not, definitely the 3rd world and disaster ridden places. maybe even as a mission. keep it up.

Grant Nieddu said...

+Earl Schrader, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail us. Though I prefer to talk on the phone, the connectivity out here is spotty at best.

Let us know what you have on your mind. We have a vision and dream that we love to share with people, especially for the developing world. Thank you again for your comments, and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!