Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Happy Birthday & Rookie Missionary Tip 035: Be Supra-Political

I had a truly happy birthday yesterday. Even though I feel too far from everyone, the digital world really enabled people to wish me well and contribute to an awesome birthday. Likewise, Marissa was able to put together a truly moving gift; letters from friends and family appreciating their best memories of me. I was deeply touched, and I am placing it in my Dream Machine for close memories.

Thank you, wonderful people, for making it happen.
Thank you, technology, for being the bridge that allowed that to happen!

Now, the Rookie Missionary Tip of the Day!

Tip 035: Be Supra-Political. 

Politics, especially during campaign season, can be get quite obsessive. Instead of being drawn in, remember that your faith is a-political, or, more accurately, supra-political.

Grant and Marissa Nieddu, live from the mission field on the Island of Hispaniola, offer their daily Rookie Missionary Tips and Mistakes.

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