Monday, February 25, 2013

Adopt The Producer's Approach To The Mission

The Spirit of Kansas City by Normal Rockwell.
This is a guy, rolling up his sleeves to get to work.
+Marissa Nieddu and I saw this in person with my mom.
Returning to the States has been tough. My friend, +Chantz Cutts , said it would be. His wife, Renee, said that their return to the U.S. was difficult and that they never felt landed when they came back. It was only a matter of time, 2.5 years before they were back on the field and launching GoMAD Ministries.

Now, I could take a moment and make this a commentary about what's so right and wrong about the United States. My only authority would be in the weight of my travels away and abroad for the last 9 months. But I won't.

I could also take the time to leave commentary about the missionary field, what I saw, the behind-the-scenes back-biting, and dynamics of the world of missionary groups. My authority on that would be the varied conversations I had on the field, in trucks, in coffee shops in open-air churches, with the missionaries I passed while on the island of Hispaniola. I won't do that either.

I will try to keep it simple. I will try to do with you what I am trying to do with me; help stay focused on The Mission.

You see, all of these things and more hinder the mission. What is right and wrong with the U.S., mission-field back-biting, and critique of either are wasted. They should be known, bless God!, they should be known. But, in their end, they are only recycled products of a consumer's approach to the field.

Instead of all of that, I will point you toward The Mission, and how to get through it.

You see, we have returned with The Mission in our heart. The Mission is simply the pulsating, throbbing need you have inside of you to create. It is the drive to see things improved and bettered.

It is the non-profit organization you desire to build to serve in Africa. It is the business you want to build to have the resources to fund an organization in Africa. Both are the desire to see something bettered, improved.

This is Desire, the first step in the Producer's Approach to The Mission.

Now would be a great time to tell you HOW to return to your home country after a time of working on the field abroad. Though everyone warned it would be difficult, no one told me how to get through it. (Maybe that's just it. Maybe so little is written about it because you have to do just that; get through it.)

Instead, however, I will simply leave you with this: adopt The Producer's Approach to The Mission.

You want to see the thing in your heart created? Get busy creating it. Critique of things around you certainly does not get a business built. Pondering what happened in the field may motivate, but it will not make that next appointment for you. Knowing what's right and wrong with America is all well in good, but are you taking advantage of what is right in America to fix what is wrong with it? I mean, actually?

Coffee talk is good for first dates and mission research. But someone has to pound the hammer.

Get out there and adopt The Producer's Approach to The Mission. I'll see you on the field.

+Grant R. Nieddu

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