Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Paradigm of Paralysis 2: Dirt Diggin'

You see, there was another guy standing on the shore. He watched the old man set out and fade to a speck on the shore. He wondered what the other shore looked like. He saw all the interesting unique trinkets the first man would return with. He didn't want the trinkets himself; he wanted to see the world that created such unique interesting things.

This is a lesson in itself. People in general do not want the trinkets; the latest gadgets, the run-way model clothes, the Bughatti Veyron. They are more intrigued with the life that was able to obtain them.

This second man, decided that he too would set off and follow the man. So, he hopped in a boat, grabbed the oars, and dug in.

He drove the oars hard; they resisted with every stroke. The first man had made it look so easy. The second manwatched the shore; it refused to fade. It was the same as when he first started. The first man had drifted to the horizon so quickly.

The man's sweat soaked his shirt. He would glance furtively over his shoulder to see if he was catching up with the first man. He would glance at the shore and see that he was not making any progress.

This would certainly be frustrating for any of us. 

But it was especially frustrating for the man when his neighbor sauntered by and mocked, "When are you going to put that boat in the water?"

Though this could be a lesson on choosing a career, putting your efforts to the right work, it is, for now, merely a lesson on paradigm.


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