Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life as Mission, Farming as Mission

All this time later, and I thought it should do us well to plant.

We had traveled over oceans, deserts and desires and have now refined our love; life as mission. Life as mission answers so many things, but the one thing it answers is: how can I make a massive impact, right here, right now, and feel fulfilled doing it?

Life as Mission is the answer.

How does one perform it? Is foreign missions forsaken? Not for a minute. Is local missions the locus of my attention? Yes and no.

Life as mission is not a method. It is not a technique, tactic, or transition to something greater.

Life as mission is simple. It is life intentionally. It is looking at each day, totally and completely, as an abundant ministry opportunity.
  • Do you find yourself at the espresso machine serving coffee to customers? Gusto is far better fraternization than a frown.
  • Do you find yourself on the foreign mission field? Smile, enjoy the distance from the pace of mankind and enjoy the pace of the world; then serve.
  • Do you find yourself returning, oh returning, from the mission field? Accept the blessings you find, and turn them, turn them!, into something grand.
We find ourselves in the middle of discovering a new level of Life as Mission. We have astounding opportunities both here and in Haiti (and some elsewhere we still have yet to have time to chase down.)

For us, Life as Mission is becoming Farming as Mission (you heard it here first. I am trademarking it, and writing a book about it now!)

+Nate Mundell & +Adam Whelchel,
community, setting up raised beds.
Planting seed. 
Sowing seed.
Tending the sprouts.
Weeding the choking weeds.
Waiting and tending.
Watering, but not too much.
Chasing away the crows that may eat up the seed.

The metaphors are endless, with Farming as Mission. I dare tell you that it is only now, as I plant, water, weed, wait, and harvest, that I understand anything at all about the hidden messages of our messiah; written in an Agrarian Age for those who would farm their meanings.

Our budding blueberry bush!
Our foreign mission is moving forward. But only as I see our life lived as mission. I plant and water and grow our food, and we harvest self-reliance. In so doing, our soil is better and better, in fact a total re-invigoration of the land, for the next season; which will certainly be a season for the foreign mission.

And the pace! The pace! Hardly the hours. We choose to live our life in seasons, not in minutes.

Life as Missions lends itself to all of this. Farming as Mission ever more so.

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