Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Serendipity Factor

There is another reason I love opulence: it draws Serendipity to you.

If it is true what Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking), and Terry Kruse (Prosperity guru) say, then you attract the most dominant thought in your mind. You attract what you are focused on.

I could not agree more. Focusing on debt makes people depressed because they see debt all the time. All they see are the bills in the mail. To use Terry Kruse's example, when we talk about the brand new Porsche model we seem to see it everywhere. (If you want more detail on this, check out the books above, or Terry's book The Law of Increase.*) This is the Serendipity Factor at work.

That being the case, when you are an optimist, you attract that which you are expecting to happen. When you look for the best in others, you will tend to find it. When you look for the good in a situation, serendipity will cause you to see it. When you expect deals to come your way, the doors will be opened.

Many disregard this as "self-psych" mysticism that just doesn't work.
To that, I bite my thumb at them and say "Yes" and "no."
"Yes", it is self-psych. When did we decide that convincing ourselves to believe in the good in others was bad? Oh, we didn't. It's called hope, people!
"No", in that self-psych DOES work to change our reality.

"Grant, I can't believe that the thoughts in our minds can change physical things."

Really? I can piss you off so bad that it makes you blush!
Fear of spiders can send someone's pulse racing when they feel it crawl across their hand.
Peaceful thoughts can slow that same pulse down.
Arousal...guys...'nuff said.

So, on a basic level thoughts can change our physical reality. This is empowered by the Serendipity Factor.

Those same thoughts can affect OTHERS. Have you ever complained so bad that you brought everyone down? Your depressing thoughts led to depressing words which led to a depressing atmosphere. What is this predictable progression: serendipity.

CUT it out! Get your thoughts positive! Think of your happy place. Tell a joke, even if you don't feel like it! You can change the atmosphere by first changing your thoughts!

"So, Grant, what IS serendipity?"

Serendipity works both for the good and the bad.
Serendipity is that untouchable power that causes 'coincidences' to be not-so-coincidental.
Example: isn't it funny that people who always say 'I am always sick!' are always sick?
Example 2: Isn't it funny that those people who always say 'I am never sick!' rarely are?

Is this act of cause and effect coincidence? Or is it predictable?
I believe it is predictable. I believe that it is so predictable that it is tangible.

The Serendipity Factor cannot be planned. It can be initiated. Serendipity cannot be quantified like a number. It can be qualified as a the pleasure one derives from its use.

Serendipity is as sure as the wind; unseen but unquestionable.
Serendipity is as strong as gravity; uncontained but possessing an exponential character.
Serendipity thrives on momentum.

How does Serendipity show itself?

First, a person believes in a thing and they attract that to themselves. For this example we will use good luck or bad luck.

Second, the individual feels that either the world is against them or that everything works in their favor. This is people identifying some greater power acting for or against them.

Finally, the consistency of such events increases in their life, SIMPLY BY RECOGNIZING THE GREATER POWER AT WORK.

They get 2 unexpected bills in the mail, or they get promoted or a raise at work.
The bad-luck person will ask "what is going on?" The good-luck person will marvel at "what is going on!"
Both are recognizing a greater power at work.
Both feel caught in its power. Both feel powerless to it.
One enjoys this fact. The other hates it.
This is serendipity.

"Grant, how can I use this amazing power?"

I believe that just by recognizing the REALITY of the Serendipity Factor, you can use it in your own life.

It all starts in the believing. You are not at the mercy of your beliefs. They don't jump into your mind and pin you to the ground and say 'believe me!' You have chosen those thoughts. You have conditioned the synaptic pathways in your mind to create that particular image.

Change the condition of your mind. Turn your mind away from that thing you do not like!

"But, Grant, I feel like I am lying to myself."

GOOD! Perhaps that temporary lie is good because you are creating a better permanent reality.
Go ahead and learn to enjoy lying to your brain, because it is coming against your desire.

Choose to align yourself with your desire!
You will be employing the Serendipity Factor in a new way.
Instead of working to draw to you the things you do not like, you will give Serendipity permission to draw to you the things you want!

Next week I will give you practical ways to recondition the mind, so check back then!

* Terry Kruse believes that serendipity is the Holy Spirit at work.

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