Thursday, August 23, 2007

Opulent Barista

Yesterday I desperately needed a fork. Alas, however, the office had freshly ran out of forks!

What was I to do? Walk down the street to the local coffee shop, Java Breeze, and ask for one of course!

Upon arriving, I received a hearty 'hello' from the barista behind the counter. A burly man with a child's voice, I like him immediately.

"I would like a cubano," I said enthusiastically. I HAD to order something. I couldn't get a fork and not give them something in return, could I?

"Well, we don't normally make those," he replied gleefully, "but I can make one for you. I was a barista at another store coffee shop before this one, and I love cubanos."

While he was turned, I noticed that he was reading a book. It's title was 'Gun Ho' and caught my attention.

"What'r you readin'," I asked.

He was all too glad to tell me. He went on to describe a book by the same authors which preceeded this on. He described superior service. He told me about the ideals within the book that spoke of getting your own employees involved. This will ultimately create raving fans with your employees, and when they interact with your customers they won't be able to help but give them not just service, but excellence.

He was so pleasant and excited I couldn't help but just laugh. He was serving ME with excellence. I could see that what goes into the mind comes out of it as well.
This bubbly, burly, boyish barista was serving me preeminence; he was giving me superior service.
When he was finished with my cubano (which was excellent!), I even ordered a breakfast wrap. As I walked back to my office, I couldn't help but think of preeminence. I couldn't help but think that if I hadn't inquired of his book, I never would have gotten this double-shot of wisdom.

Being opulent, digging for the gold in others, and abundantly inquiring of others has always brought so much blessing and abundance to my life.

Sipping my cubano, with a warm breakfast wrap in my hand, I couldn't help but laugh out loud again at the whole experience.

All because I needed a fork!

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Sabrina Rae said...

It's always best to go where God leads you.