Friday, November 2, 2007

Obedience V - Grace

Ultimately, obedience requires grace.

Why do I say that?

First, it says it in scripture. Romans 5:19 shows that I am not constituted righteous (totally obedient) by anything I have done. It was one man’s sin that got people into the sin-mess. It was also One Man’s obedience that covers when I have not been obedient.

Secondarily, like tonight, I need the grace. Case-in-point: I was supposed to write on a scripture in Jeremiah 1, and cross reference it to Joshua 1. Instead, I went to a movie with several friends. (Another act of disobedience because of the violence, drug use, and nudity.) But when I got home, it was late.

I need God’s grace. I needed Christ to be obedient for me for nights like tonight.

Because of that grace, though, I can wake up tomorrow and begin anew; attempting to be obedient. I can rest easy, knowing that I obeyed when Christ obeyed on the cross. It affects my victory negatively, but not my grace.

Now, I am going to receive that grace so that I can be empowered to be fully obedient once again.

It is an unfair advantage to be sure! I thank God for that.

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