Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prep for 2008

Two-thousand and eight is quickly approaching. This morning I began gaining a clearer picture of structuring my year.

2008 seemed to be before me as a small sliver of time. I could grasp what I desired to do and accomplish. More specifically, I grasped who I want to be and how I want to operate in 2008; my modus operandi. This weekend I will take significant time to write it all out and envision my future.

In December I want to prune and add to my dream list and dream machine. I know a little bit better now what I want to be doing. Currently, the dream list and dream machine are very much a shotgun approach to envisioning.

The more power I realize I have causes me to be more specific in my dreaming. I find that the power in a man is absolutely unlimited. The options are infinite.

That being the case, I find that great care must be taken on what one chooses to do.

Our only limitation, time, forces us, which are eternal save for our sole limitation of time, to specify our lives.

Notice I did not say that we have to choose just one thing, or limit ourselves. But being specific brings great power and unlimited force to us. And, surprisingly, this does not limit our options. Instead, it rather opens them us.

This paradox will not be understood fully except by those who have experimented with themselves on human effectiveness.

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