Thursday, February 26, 2009

Following God versus Setting and Achieving Goals

Good quote that shares how an ancient warrior dealt with the difference between peace of mind and pressing hard toward a goal:

"I have no confidence in the flesh, my own abilities to produce...
in fact, I count all things I once trusted in as loss...
HOWEVER, I press on, not as though I have attained, but I follow after. 
Again, not as if I have apprehended, but this one thing I do;
I choose to forget everything behind me, 
and reach forward to those things which are before me.
I press hard toward the mark to attain the goal and prize!"
- Saul of Tarsus
to his team in the ancient Greek city of Philippi
(my paraphrase)

As Chad and I continue to work on our goal setting system for, I continue to try to work out my understanding of simply following God (flowing with Him) compared with goal setting. 

At first these seem to conflict, yet Paul (once Saul) had this on lock down. He had it figured out quite well.

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