Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Itinerary for next Haiti trip

Hey, all!

Here is our itinerary for our next trip to Haiti!
Be praying for us. :)


Wednesday, March 11th
Jonathan leaves for Haiti – 10:10 MIA

Thursday, March 12th
4:00 AM Lakeland/Clermont Groups Depart
4:30 AM Lakeland/Clermont Groups meet at 60/27 Intersect
8:00 AM Arrive at MIA/Check-In
9:00 AM Group Meeting at the Gate
10:10 AM Depart for Port-au-Prince, Haiti
11:30 AM Arrive in PAP
12-2:30 PM Grocery Store/Check-In/Lunch
3:00 PM Depart for Baptist Mission/Fort Jack/Lookout
6:30 PM Back at Hotel for Dinner

Friday, March 13th
8:30 AM Meet in lobby/Depart of Kensckoff
10:00 AM Arrive in Kensckoff/Meet Leaders/Building Site Tour
12:00 PM Lunch with Key Church Members (Q&A – roundtable)
2-4:30 PM Free Space
4:30 PM Depart of Hotel
6:30 PM Back at Hotel/Dinner/Group Time

Saturday, March 14th
8:30 AM Meet in lobby/Depart for Kensckoff
10-4:30PM Arrive in Kensckoff
Market, Play with Children, Make Blocks by the river, Farm, etc.
4:30 PM Depart for the Hotel
6:30 PM Back at Hotel/Dinner/Group Time

Sunday, March 15th
8:30AM Meet in lobby/Depart of PAP Airport
12:20 PM Depart PAP headed for MIA
3:30 PM Arrive at MIA/Load up and drive home

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Suzanne Artley said...

Looks like you have a packed trip! So excited for you and what God is doing!! I will be traveling home on the 6th of March to ATL then Bonifay. I return to Lakeland no later than the 20th!!

Give God the Glory for all things! especially randomly free cups of coffee. :)