Friday, September 28, 2012

The 3 Week Update from Bavaro, DR

(The video covers most of this, but here are the highlights. Estimated Read Time: 3 min.)


It has taken the last three weeks to settle in. This is difficult because I know that we will be leaving again in the end of November. However, since I need some degree of routine to feel normal, I have found it. 

  • Wake. 
  • Coffee. 
  • Marissa goes to dive school. 
  • I write, write, write. 
  • Connect with ministries. 
  • Write. 
  • Stop for lunch.
  • Write. 
  • Swim. 
  • Write. 
  • Beach. 
  • Write.
  • Eat mango and avocado for dinner.
Yeah, that's about it for now.


Marissa was good for a week, then go sick pretty quickly. She was down hard for a good stretch which frustrated her. However, she has been back in the water for over a week now and is taking her Dive Master test today.


As you can see above, I have been writing. We have completed the following:
'H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti' will launch this Sunday, September 30th on Check it out on for a 15% discount code!


We have had the pleasure of connecting with several powerful ministries. Go Mad Ministries in north DR, Calvary Chapel's Haiti Initiative in Jacmel, Grace Center in Port-au-Prince, and a small church we will be attending this Sunday with our new friend, Jose.

There are many great initiatives here on the island. ReGenAll is promising as it aligns with our vision. But there are many welcoming ministries around that we could serve.


So, we are quite hopeful about what is happening. Being in the DR for this three months is an exercise in resting in Him and waiting on the Lord. We made the leap to be here. Now we just need to know where He is leading us next.

Several of you are planning on visiting. Others have expressed interest in us hosting a trip. We can do that for anyone, individual or teams. Just let us know and we will talk more!

That is the summary for now!

Be blessed. Have a great day. And we look forward to connecting soon!


Grant & Marissa Nieddu

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