Saturday, September 29, 2012

HOPE Is Here & The Mission is Moving!

Hello,  Sparked Friends Far and Wide

I wanted to touch base with you about my book launch. Many of you know that my book is hitting the digital stands tomorrow on We are very excited about this! It has been several years in process (and we still found a typo already!)

Tomorrow, please feel free to find the book on my website and tell a friend! My website,, have gone under reconstruction as well. I wanted it to reflect our current state of affairs and projects. You will also be able to search for and find it on Amazon, if that is your preferred provider. But, be sure to read the next section about the discount code!

Amazon Fail On The Discount Code 

Some of you may already have a discount code from previous correspondence. We have found that it is not working. I apologize for this. I am sure that this is my error, and I am not making any headway with Amazon about it.

Thus, Google saves the day. Google Checkout gave me the option to set up a quick button for you to purchase the book at a deeply discounted rate. It is the best price (including shipping) around! 

Sooner Than Later 

Be sure you buy copy soon! We have a great deal with Google, however it will not last.

After a week, I will most likely let Amazon handle all the ordering. So people who buy at that time will be paying the Amazon rate (about $7.99 + $3.99 shipping!) This isn't the cheapest option, but if I am away from the internet for long being here on the mission field orders can still get filled.

Moving the Mission 

Aside from that, it looks like Marissa and I are going to need to move. The dive college as well as our accommodations is changing ownership. We will need a last minute move to another area of the Dominican Republic. I, of course, about flipped out. The standard response is a very islander response; "Tranquilo". We will bring the updates as that progresses!

Thank You So Much 

I am so grateful to have this first, published work completed!

Be sure to check the team that worked on the project. Give them a shout of appreciation because they did such a great job. I do not think the project would be completed without them!!

And thank you for staying updated on the mission we are on!

Have a Great Day! And keep sparking!

Grant R. Nieddu

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