Monday, October 22, 2012

Betatesters for my 'Top 100 Dream Igniter' Goal-Setting system.

I need #Betatesters for my 'Top 100 Dream Igniter' #goalsetting system. I need to hand pick 5 people who can a) commit to reading it over, b) can offer general grammatical and ideological edits, c) can offer constructive criticism to make it better, and d) will help me spread the word once it launches.

Dream Igniter testers get the benefit of:
1) Receiving a free final copy to print off and use for themselves.
2) Will be added to the Dream Igniter for all posterity as collaborators!
3) Access to State of the Spark at the Sparked Supporter Level (including discounts, early notification of future product releases, and more!)
4) Being part of shaping this powerful tool to help others spark their own life of significance!

Message me, email me, or smoke signal me to let me know!

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