Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Month Down... A Lifetime To Go!

We are here and we are finally doing it. All the planning, preparation, vision and prayer has brought us to this place in this time. The first month has been full of ups and down for us as we have planted ourselves in the unknown. Some days I wake up energized and fired up for continuing the mission God had placed before us, while other days I wake up saying, “I really hope we are doing the right thing!”

Eric and I practicing demonstrations of 24 skills.
Living in a country where you cannot communicate with everyone is exhausting. Currently we are in the Dominican Republic, so we have had to dust off our rusty Spanish and try to learn more everyday. To have university level thoughts, but to only be able to speak at the level of a five-year-old is extremely frustrating. And when our Spanish is up to conversational levels, then it will be on to French and Creole. Learning is never finished, but what a wonderful way to live life!

My days are full of diving, studying and practicing language. My hope is that by December it will have paid off with a job and connections to serve in ministry. I feel extremely blessed to be learning a trade that I have wanted to do for the past five years. Everyday I get to dive into the unknown and see new breathtaking aspects of God’s beautiful creation. The rush of descending one hundred feet into turquoise waters followed by the zen of viewing life under the sea while hearing only the sound of your own breathing, is something I wish everyone could experience at least once in their lives. 

I have been able to meet some great people through our dive shop, but my favorite so far would have to be the owners of the world’s first and only scuba diving chimpanzee named, Cooper. They were such a delight to dive with and afterwards she showed us youtube videos of their chimp using scuba gear! They told us that Cooper was the reason they decided to get their dive certifications. If Cooper could do it, so could they!

Grant and I at church with our friends Hebreo and Juan Carlos
Grant has also made friends with a worker at our hotel named Hebreo. He helped Grant pick me up that airport last week when all our other options kept falling through and he invited us to his church this past Sunday. What a blessing it was to be around other believers and see the passion and hunger for God. They talked of being a light in their community and going to the nations. It was truly a beautiful night with spiritually beautiful people.

Though we have been and are going through many challenges everyday, I would not have my life any other way. I am married to the man of my dreams, studying to work at a job I love, and pursuing a life of service to my Creator.


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration! Be Blessed and we will continue to pray for you both :D
Hugs, Marie Lundblad - Lakeland,Fl

george said...

I love you 2. I am feeling the pride, the excitement, and yes, the anxiety of your experience. Mostly I am just glad you guys are where you want to be.

Grant Nieddu said...

Ms. Lundblad! You are always so encouraging! I love it! We are grateful for it.

Dad, thank you so much. I am glad that you are feeling it, because we have all of that! Have you had a chance to read the copy of the book I emailed to you? Would you prefer a hard copy?