Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rookie Missionary Tip 037: Cell Phones & Move Update

So far, so good in terms of switching cell phones. We have an update on how T-Mobile responded to us regarding canceling our account. More on that in the future!

Move Update

We are just a day away from moving now. We planned on moving to Cabarete, DR on Saturday. However, we found that someone was headed to Santo Domingo (where we are picking up our Caribe Tours bus to the north) on Friday. So, we scrambled, shifted our arrival dates, requested Chantz from GoMAD ministries to pick us up from the bus stop then, and are all ready.

Now we just need Marissa to shake her sickness. Give her a Google+ (or Facebook) encouragement to shake her blech-ness.

Once we get to the north we will dig in and really launch ministry and servanthood! More to come!


Grant R. Nieddu

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