Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marissa, Dengue Fever, & Rookie Missionary

Most of you know by now that Marissa has come down with Dengue Fever.

You can imagine how scary such an extreme illness is in a foreign country, especially in a developing or under-developed country.

She arrived at the centro medico with 40 C temperature (about 104 F), a white blood cell count of 1.4 per mL (normal 5-10/ml), a platelet count of 20 mL (normal 150 - 450/mL), and a fevered rash all over her back. Now she has an even temperature (though it peaked at 100*), a white blood cell count of 3.4/mL, platelets of 50/mL and her normal, beautiful skin. She is just completely over being here, as am I.

We have been quite blessed. We are at a fantastic clinic. We have stumbled upon encouraging, involved local relationships. And, of course, we are happy because Marissa is getting much better.

Needless to say, there will be many Rookie Missionary Tips that come out of this. I wanted everyone to rest assured that we have not forgotten about them. We have plenty more prepared and, with going through this ordeal, will have plenty more interesting tips and suggestions.

From what insurance to use, what to pack for your hospital stay, to a shade-tree remedy for Dengue Fever with chicken feet; we will dowload what we have learned so far!

Marissa is quickly recovering and is even pushing herself to do things on her own. I am researching my own local insurance here on the island. And we will give you updates as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Most Gratefully,

Grant and a slowly recovering Marissa

P.S. This post we wrote a day or so ago. We are home now. Of course, I will writing an update soon!--GN


Angela Vale said...

Our prayers continue to go out to you and Marissa, Grant. Praying for a quick and continued recovery... Blessing my friends!

Angela Vale said...

Our continued prayers and support go out to you and Marissa, Grant. Prayers for quick and continued healing! Blessings.... Angi