Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rookie Missionary Tip 045: Permaculture

A permaculture plan for a small farm.
One of the biggest concerns I have on the field is that many missionaries and humanitarians starting out do not have many practical skills to offer.

The goal is to a) connect with the locals in a relevant meaningful way, to b) implement and sustain something that improves their lives, so that c) the experience a more sustainable prosperity.

Here is one powerful way to do that!

Rookie Missionary Tip 045: Permaculture & Working With Nature. What can you do on the field that is sustainable, contributes to the local needs, offers cutting-edge ideas and is an appropriate technology? Permaculture achieves all of these and more.

Also check out (non-affiliate link) and our friend and fellow Biotecture student, Nick Burtner.

Grant and Marissa Nieddu, live from the mission field on the Island of Hispaniola, offer their daily Rookie Missionary Tips and Mistakes.

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