Monday, August 13, 2007

A Sneak Peek at Servanthood


For about a year or two in the making, I have been working on a book on servanthood. It started as an account of some of the crazy occurrences that have been a part of my serving my mentor over the last 6+ years.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the introduction. Read it over and tell me if it is something that piques your interest at all, or if it causes you to want to read more. Give some feedback.

Without further ado:

Disclaimer: This Ain’t Easy
A quick note from the author.

Straight at ya’:
Servanthood ain’t easy, friend. Period.

For the last 6-7 years of my life, let me give you the superficial summary:
  • Pain.
  • Heartache.
  • Despair.
  • Depression.
  • Criticism on every side.
  • Kicked out of prayer meetings. (Is that even possible?)
  • Broken off 2 potential engagements.
Just to name a few!

Why do I paint such a difficult picture? To share with you a truth. To share with you the reality of servant hood. You may experience the same. Along with that, you will suffer the same fate as your mentor, which is not always a good thing.

You will be called for service in awkward situations. (Try having to skip a flight to see your girlfriend, which had been planned months in advance, to be a part of your mentor’s service which popped up suddenly.)

You will be stretched. You will be drawn and quartered. You will be hated by the world. You will sacrifice the dearest things to you.

Plan on marrying the girl? Try God asking you to breaking up with her instead. It happened to me… more than once.

Like your career path? Imagine having to quit and go on unemployment.
Enjoy your free Tuesday night ‘guy’s night’ out? Get over it.

Think you will have a lot of great ideas? Try getting shot down at every turn.

Do you like working out 6 days a week and eating right, staying fit and attractive? Try skipping meals, fasting 4 days a week, loosing your physique, and eating ramen every meal.

‘Sounds tough but it won’t happen to me.’ Maybe, but be mentally prepared for it.

When you seek to be mentored, when you seek to serve an anointed man of God, they will push every button you have and those you haven’t thought of yet.

‘Well, Grant, it doesn’t have to be that way.’ You know what, you’re right.
And people in Hell shouldn’t want ice water. But they do.

And if your mentor ISN’T pushing your buttons, then I would say that your mentor is soft and not really mentoring you. Look at them deeper, because they may just be making you “twice the son of hell” that they are.

Why do I say that? Growing up spiritually is plain and down right tough. Maturing is difficult. If we are not being stretched, we just aren’t growing. Besides, I think I heard it said once that “the Lord chastises those he loves.”

And not all of the conflict will come from your mentor.
Reminder: this is a Christian walk.
Simply put, that means the “world will hate you.”

Our one and only Rabbi said that life would be tough. It was tough for him, and it’ll be tough for you too.

What is the GOOD news?

The good news is: You will survive. (well, maybe.)

Now, allow me to give you the REAL results of the last 6-7years:
  • Exponential Growth.
  • Miracles.
  • Traveled around the world.
  • Preached in foreign soil.
  • Met anointed and famous men.
  • Seen prophesies come to pass.
  • Joy unspeakable.
  • Laughter.
  • True companionship.
  • Loyal friendship.
  • Hearing the voice of God.
  • Dreams and visions.
  • Avoiding pitfalls and a stagnant life.
  • Meeting some of the wealthiest people in America.
  • Surprise checks in the mail.
  • Anointing.
  • Direction.
  • Becoming the man God has created me to be.
  • Not to mention passive income streams, business savvy, and other material blessings
  • And so much more daily!
You can see that one list is longer than another. I want to say that being an armor-bearer ain’t easy. The price is big but the pay off is bigger.

Most of you reading this may have already seen these types of frustrations, and for you seeing the payoff is impossible. Maybe you haven’t hit the wall yet. Trust me, YOU WILL!!

Let me encourage you, though. Stick it out! Run the distance. Fight the good fight! Run that you may attain the prize! Stand firm, and after that, stand some more. And all that stuff!

What is the prize? The ultimate you! The ultimate that God has planned for you.

You will live the adventure that God has.
You will be in awe and wonder more than anyone you know.
You will not have the curtains drawn over your eyes as so many others have.

You will become the very Remnant, called to be the awakening the Body of Christ will need!!

Being a servant will take you to the furthest continents and villages.
It has for me.

Being a servant will introduce you to the most anointed people.
It has for me.

Being a servant will allow you to see the miracles of God, supernatural events that cannot be explained.
I have seen such things. I have even participated in some of them.

I never would have preached in Kenya, been kidnapped in India (and survived), met and learned from people who make $200,000 a day, or finished my degree if I had not continued to endure the service.

Why serve? ‘Cause the Body needs Servant-Leaders and not another degree-bearing pastor.

We are all called to serve.
Our one and only Teacher told us to.
It isn’t easy, but the payoff for those who endure is huge.

Welcome to the race. I hope you learn a little bit about how to serve the man of God in your life.

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